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In order to achieve weight loss, the Simeons Approach prescribed a very low-calorie intake and injections of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropinor hCG, a hormone produced by pregnant women to break down fat stores thought to feed the baby.

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Over the next few years, his practice expanded to Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. AroundBernstein opened his first American clinics in Virginia and Florida.

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Inthe Ontario College formally banned hCG as a weight-loss treatment. While on Bernstein's diet program, patients are administered Vitamin B injections multiple times a week and are instructed to maintain an intake of to 1, calories per day on a strict diet regimen. The jury also advised that patients using commercial weight-loss programs should be encouraged to lose no more than two pounds a week when considering a diet of 1, calories per day.

Bernstein ended up discontinuing all claims against Todorov and Todorova. Nadia Brown under similar claims, [9] and, following this, inBernstein filed suit against Dr. Bernstein's lawsuit against Seagrist was settled in an out-of-court agreement. Poon's Metabolic Diet, as well as in a subsequent television show that Poon was a guest on.

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Poon's Metabolic Diet book has numerous breathing techniques for assisting with passing large bowel movements. As a result, Bernstein was instructed to appear before the College for a verbal warning.

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In November he petitioned their entire real estate portfolio into receivership without notice to the lenders. The Waltons asked for a trial but that request was denied by the Court.

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The Waltons have communicated publicly that they "strongly disagree" with the accusations and have appealed the findings of Ontario Superior Court 's ordered investigation. During a mini trial, the judge did not accept the testimony of Bernstein and Reitan as credible in comparison to the evidence of Coscia.

Bernstein later appealed to the Court of Appeal and lost.

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He paid this money pursuant to a Pierringer Agreement that mandates confidentiality of the amount paid by him. An amended Statement of Claim is being filed with the Court accordingly.

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Personal life[ edit ] Bernstein has been married to his second wife, Judy Bernstein, since Bernstein successfully appealed this ruling and the guilty charge, fine and suspension were removed from his record. Both charges were later dropped.

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Both Bernstein and his wife were unharmed in the robbery and the assailants were never captured.

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