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A director who escapes and fills, light pictures and characters in between the comics and the western culture. A slow poem that spreads on the screen, often ignoring the narrative importance, a taste for the vision is the only path to follow. It is a beautiful cinema the one of Jim Jarmusch, a cinema that do not wear people out because it tells simple stories, never dull, with elegance and style.

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Ghost Dog is a lone gunman inspired by Hagakure, the philosophy of the samurai, who lives on a terrace in the company of his pigeons, convinced that respect for his lord - the man who saved his life many years before is more important than life itself.

Jarmusch puts on a timeless story inspired by Melville's Le Samourai of which you can recognize many referencescentered on the character of Forrest Whitaker, able to characterize his role with surreal and hard features.

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On a background of rap and acid jazz, Ghost Dog moves to the rhythm of the periphery, opens cars with a strange electronic gimmick, has a best friend who speaks pelangsing fatloss bahaya French but they can always understand each other perfectly.

The images of Whitaker driving to the rhythm of Wu Tang Clan's rap are beautiful: on the screen there is a kind of perfect atmosphere, despite the continuous visual contradictions.

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The protagonist of Jarmusch is almost an anti-hero, an incomprehensible figure insisting in pursuing his principles, especially when contrasted with the reality of an underworld represented with caricatures: but it never becomes a cynical and brucialo bruciagrassi parody of gangsters, who are by now definitely out of fashion, ridiculous and mediocre.

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